There are a lot of pictures of moles, warts and skin tags online and in the printed medium. Some find the images disturbing and disguising and wonder why people should upload those online. The truth of the matter is, the images are very important for identifying the skin conditions. Without these pictures, there is no way to picture in the mind what the text is talking about.

picture of molesHere is a good picture of moles. types of moles

Melanocytic nevus – is a medical term for moles. On the first picture you can see a common mole on the back of the neck. On the second picture there are 4 different types of moles, treatment method may also slightly vary from case to case.

One of the best ways to identify skin problem is to look for the pictures of moles, warts and skin tags. They are the best resource to compare the images to those found on the skin. Simply reading description will not make things easier in trying to diagnose. It can be difficult to look at the skin and actually identify what the condition is without getting to see firsthand what it is that is being visually identified.

Have a look what warts look like:picture of wartspicture of warts


Now, there are a lot of pictures of moles, warts and skin tags online and it can be quite confusing to narrow down the images into the specific search, but if the one searching for the answers really does not know what they are looking at on their skin, then they just have to be patient and go through each and every image. This is the only way to really find out what is that ‘thing’ growing on the skin.

Here are few good pictures of skin tags:

picture of skin tagsskin tags - another picture

For those who do not want to have to go through the series of disturbing images, spare yourself the anguish and go visit your doctor. You may be able to find the image online but this does not mean that you would be in the position to determine if what you are looking at is benign or malignant. You are indeed recommended to visit your doctor, with so many types of moles, warts and skin tags, it could be quite for the untrained eye to see what the doctors see.

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2 Responses to Pictures of Moles, Warts and Skin Tags – How to Identify the Skin Problem

  1. Curt says:

    I got skin tags before and it was very disturbing. This post will help a lot of people identify what type of skin problem they have. I never had a chance to look up on the internet about my problem though.

  2. Milly says:

    My father-in-law got a large mole on his neck. I think we need to see a doctor to check on it. This post helped a lot. Thanks.

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