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Based on our professional tests Naturasil has an overall 75% success rate, this means 75 patients out of 100 got rid of warts successfully  which is actually quite high compared to Amoils “H Warts” and Wartol that have 88% and 92% respectively. Most of our patients that have been using Naturasil wart removal method have not been registered with severe warts cases, that may be the reason of such high success rate.

The quality of the Naturasil components is rather harsh  despite claimed 100% pure plant extracts, that is the exact reason why we have registered a common skin burning and irritation amongst our patients during the treatment testing time.

We have also noticed that this topical treatment along with “Immune renew” works quite well on common warts and verruca but has very little effects when it comes to treating genital warts, plantar warts or lip warts. The formula of Naturasil is quite aggressive, yet very effective in some cases in particular.

Despite the occasional burning sensation Naturasil for warts is a safe medicine and can be used by anyone except children and pregnant women.

Our studies indicate that longterm effect of Dermisil is also weaker than the other two treatments. Some patients needed a repeat treatment and some even a systematical treatment to keep their body wart-free.

Naturasil can look fairly similar to Wartol at the first glance, however these two products are really different, it combines two treatment approaches together: Wartol and Amoils Heal Warts – it boosts your immune system helping the body to counteract the Paplloma virus along with topical procedures done every day.

The downside is that  Immune Booster capsules are being sold separately from the topical treatment for the extra price, and the grand total can turn out to be quite costly.  Wartol is definitely a better solution for most types of warts , it’s all because the infected areas are very sensitive, Naturasil is not that gentle and can cause minor skin irritation and burning.

The price starts at $29.95, however if you want to order the topical treatment together with “Immune Renew” it will cost you $110 plus shipment price if you are outside of US, and that is quite pricey I would say.

Good news: There is a Money Back Guarantee even though unconditional, you have to use the product for a full treatment period first in order to get refund authorization.

We give an overall rating of 79% 

dermisil review


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Please feel free to leave a short testimonial/feedback regarding Naturasil treatment below in the comment area!

I really wish you to do well, take care of yourself.

Dr. Marcus Laugesen



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  5. Will says:

    I am happy that my wife bought Dermisil for my warts. I have been trying a lot of products but none of them worked. This is truly an amazing discovery.

  6. Julie says:

    Good thing my best friend told me about your site. My son has already developed warts in some part of his body. This topical treatment might be the one we are looking for.